The Destroyer of Worlds

The destroyer of worlds,
It’s not what it seems,
Not a huge beast,
Just a small black screen,

The destroyer of worlds,
It’s not what it seems,
Rips through families,
Tears apart at the seams


Wait a minute …

I’m old,
And wilted,
A sorry excuse for a brain,
But when I see my best friend ,
I feel better once again

She’s young,
And fluffy,
With a brown beautiful mane,
But when I hear her yawn,
I feel right as rain again


Hiya, this poem started off as sentimental and then I decided to add a twist. Which type of animal am I really talking about?!


We all need kindness

She sat alone and bedraggled on the side of the street. Her hair hung limp and greasy round her gaunt face. Ribs protruded from her shirt. I met her eyes and saw a hunger as I had never known before. It was a hunger for a proper life. I averted my gaze, dropped a few copper coins and continued on my way. As I neared the end of the alley a shriek fluctuated the silence of the afternoon. There she sat, backed against a corner, two hungry demons prowling close. I screamed in horror and rushed towards them. I fought with all my inner strength. The girl stayed silent. I wiped a streak of crimson blood from my face. The deed was done. She looked at me, voice croaky.
“You don’t need a reason to help someone in need.” I replied simply.

Risk taker

He stood,
Toe tapping,
Traffic rumbling,
Trapped on the wrong side

He dodged and danced a tango,
Death the perfect partner,
Traffic just kept coming,
He danced even harder,

Soon it grew too much for him,
For he was taunt and tired,
Death drained the life from him,
The duo had expired



Today I saw a man dash across the road and almost get hit by a car. He made the bus whilst putting his life at risk. Guess what?! The same bus came again 10 MINUTES AFTER! I miss buses and have to wait for an hour! How is risking ones life better than missing a bus and waiting ten minutes? The next time you catch a bus remember that you better be prepared to duo with death!