Two line poem – Expectations


Fuck expectations,

I just want to be with you.



heyyyyyy. Suffered a slight relapse and completely forgot to eat yesterday. Doing my best to make it up to my body. Other then that, I’m feeling good!


love you all,

your weary but hopeful poet,




she tasted like fairyfloss,

sweet at the start,

but overpowering in the end.



heyyyyy. Quick update – feeling really great at the moment. Life is good.

love you all,

your joyful poet,


I wish I could give my life


i wish I could give my life,

to someone who deserves it,

but it doesnt work that way,

life sucks but it is okay.



heyy feeling a bit more unstable at the moment. I couldn’t sleep last night, the voices were chattering in my head again. The cuts on my ankles are growing and I feel myself collapsing in on myself. But I am okay.

love you all,

you heavy burdened poet,



Sometimes I skip breakfast,

It is better to feel pain,

Then to feel nothing at all.


heyyyyyyyy. Unfortunately, still in a rough place, a friend close to me is going through a lot of shitty stuff but won’t tell anyone the full story.  Putting a lot of pressure on everyone at the moment. A quick thought for her: May you stay strong and not forget how to fight. Thanks.

love you all,

your stressed poet,


Two line poem – Bittersweet

You kissed me softly,

A bittersweet goodbye





heyyyyyyyyyy. Feeling better today, not as down which is good. Also, instagram is finally working again and I created a new account so please check it out and feel free to Dm me cause I lonely as heck.

love you all,

your sort of happy poet,