Two line poem – Have faith

Have faith,

For I have none.


Where I’ve been and being honest

Fuck this is going to be hard.


I haven’t been honest with you guys because I’m terrified it will change your opinions of me, I’ll lose likes (I know it’s a material object) and all that crap but after being fake and losing all motivation to blog, it’s about time I come clean.

I have depression, I am depressed and I am fighting so many battles right now. I am not officially diagnosed (don’t @ me) but I’m pretty sure it’s depression when you can tick off all the symptoms and want to die.

I hate myself, I despise myself and everything I stand for and I am not okay. It is not fair for my to lie to myself. If I lose people due to this post so be it. I am fed up of being this happy person that doesn’t exist. Depression is and will always be an essence of me and it’s about time I deal with it.

Yes I will be deleting this post and write a less terrible and rambling one later but after reading some news articles and dealing with stigma and crap today and I am fed up with staying silent.

Remember, if you are feeling suicidal you are not alone and feel free to email me because I am going through the exact same thing and will always listen.


your depressed poet,


I wish I could give my life


i wish I could give my life,

to someone who deserves it,

but it doesnt work that way,

life sucks but it is okay.



heyy feeling a bit more unstable at the moment. I couldn’t sleep last night, the voices were chattering in my head again. The cuts on my ankles are growing and I feel myself collapsing in on myself. But I am okay.

love you all,

you heavy burdened poet,