I stood on top of a cliff

i stood on top of a cliff,

stared death right in the eye,

did not blink, or cringe or sweat,

i didn’t even cry


Hold on

Hold on,

Onto the love,

The friendship, 

The laughs,

Just a little longer,

Hold on,

Onto the experiences,

The memories,


Just a little longer,

Hold on,

Onto the pain,

The anger,

The frustration,

Just a little longer,

Hold on,

Onto everything,

The harmony,

The melody,

The music that is life,

It will get better soon 

Don’t jump to conclusions

On a sweltering hot day just south of the Kungda river sat a small town. Within that town was a quaint coffee shop with no aircon or fans and that is where our story takes place.

“Kill me now,” cried a girl whose short height was made up for with her huge personality. The dark haired stranger in front of her nodded in sympathy. She looked at him through her eyelashes and her heart skipped a beat. He looked as if he had been carved from stone with his sharp jawline and blemish free face. She grinned, sweat trickling down her back.
“I’ll take a coffee and a croissant.” He said in a husky tone. She sighed dreamily, the perfect man standing just one tabletop away.
“April?” He asked as she stared at him dreamily.
“Right, one minute.” She exclaimed. April handed him the croissant and turned to the coffee machine. The strangers phone rang.
“Hey. I have to go. Forget the coffee ,” he said and rushed out of the door.
“What the actual fuck!?” She said furiously as she turned around with the coffee. April watched, anger coursing through her blood as the man left the shop taking with him part of her salary and a broken heart.


Kai entered the coffee shop admiring the quaint pink booths and tables. He made his way to the counter.
“Kill me now.” Said a red-faced girl. He chuckled in reply and ordered his daily special. She handed him a croissant. His phone rang and he picked up.
“Kai, your girlfriend … she’s in hospital!” A voice cried through the phone wracked with grief. He stood there shellshocked and then snapped into action. He mumbled an apology to the girl and then sprinted out the door running like his life depended on it. He reached the hospital and then sobbed as his girlfriend lay pale and wrinkled in a hospital bed. He stroked her ebony hair and prayed.


Weeks had passed and April had forgotten about the incident. The door chimes and she looked up with a sigh. It was him! She got ready to have a go at him and stopped short. His face a constellation of pores and cheeks flushed a bright red. He flung down a mass of coins and notes onto the counter.
“Take it! I have nothing to live for anymore.” He said. April stood she’ll shocked as he walked out of the store, hunched and alone. She was wracked with grief, she knew that she’d never jump to conclusions again. She quickly took off her apron and rushed after him.

The love of my life

Her face was weathered with time, wrinkles caressed her face. A perfect scar lined her check, framing her sharp edged chin. Freckles dotted her face like constellations. Her eyes once a sea of sapphire blue. Something so perfect could hardly be contained in a box.

I watched as the lid closed over her, tears flooding down my face like a dam had been forced open. No wrinkled hands clenched, cramping ferociously. I was meant to die first. How did a man with cancer survive when a perfectly healthy woman couldn’t? People looked at me and my eyes continued to fill with tears. Life just wasn’t fair. No one is perfect but my wife got pretty close.


This is a short story. Luckily for me, no one I’m close to has died yet. If you know someone that has passed away, my condolences.



My world is drained of colour,

Of red and green and blue,

I’d never seen a world so bleak,

Till tinged in a greyish hue


My world is drained of emotion,

Of happiness, luck and love,

I’d never seen a world so sombre,

Till you went off above*



Hi guys. I’m only going to post every Wednesday because of school :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(. I hope to post every day again once the holidays come around.

Toodles 🙂

The Ice-cream Man

The streets were lined with perfect white fences. The cottages were lined with bushes. People of all ages and ethnicity roamed the neighbourhood. Everything was perfect. We walked up our pale white path. The grass was cut in a perfectly straight 90 degree angle. My ragtag family entered the house and immediately chaos started. My sister immediately got out her paintbrush and gave the white, slate of a wall a splash of bright purple. My youngest brother Darren ran upstairs and started jumping on his bed.  I rushed to my room and plugged my headphones into my phone, Classical music flooded in, pushing away all disaster. Why did my family have to be so weird?

Suddenly a noise fluctuated the silence. It was the noise of an ice-cream truck. We rushed outside, ignoring the catastrophe that was our house, desperate for sugar. People walked quickly into their houses, glancing nervously behind them. Locks clicked and doors shut.

“Mummy, where are they going?” ask my sister, hands smothered with purple paint. My mother shrugged in return. My siblings and I rushed towards the van as fast as we could. It stopped and the window opened revealing a grinning figure. I stepped back, his grin seemed too forced. The street was silent, even the birds had stopped singing their sweet melodies. Mum ordered the ice-creams as I tapped my foot impatiently, I wanted to go back to the house despite the messiness that was present there. A voice erupted from a loudspeaker.

“You must be purged! Messiness is not tolerated!” screamed a voice. Figures dressed in black emerged from the inside of the van. I screamed and began to run. Bullets rushed past me, missing by inches. My breath was short and my side screamed in agony, I desperately needed to stop.

“Helpppp!” I screamed as footsteps echoed not far behind.

“Somebody help me!” I screamed again, voice croaking with strain. I reached a dead end and desperately clawed at the wall. My life couldn’t end like this. The figures walked closer and closer. I feel to the ground clutching at my head, desperate to protect myself.

“Scanning,” cried a robotic voice as a blue light passed over my hunched figure.

“Negative.” It said. The figures slowly backed away, one by one until I was left alone. Messiness was a sin, I was alone without a family, surrounded by insane people. What was I meant to do?

I put my headphones in and the perfectly timed, no faults, piece began to play. I yanked them out. I longed for the erratic screams from my siblings, for a splash of colour on my clothes, even a snapped mattress, broken from jumps of joy.

I would never be tidy again …



Four things –

  1. Feel free to continue this story. I will happily post your continued version onto my blog. I would love to read someone’s continued version!! (HINT HINT!)
  2. Thanks to http://writing-prompt-s.tumblr.com/ who provided me with this prompt. Feel free to check them out if you need ideas on what to write.
  3. This got a lot darker than I expected it to
  4. Remember; not all ice-cream truck people are friendly (lol) 🙂

Mistplague – Chapter 16

Loki felt pain. It wasn’t pain from his neck wound or pain from being tied up. It was mental pain and it was excruciating. It was as if someone was tearing at his mind, piece by piece, forcing its way in. Resistance was futile. Loki gave in and mist flooded into hid brain, hungry for power.

Apollo and Opal headed back to Quartz. Kat rushed to them speechless with shock and worry. Apollo fell to his knees and howled as he relived his mistakes. The trees shrieked in unison as the sky began to turn an unhealthy black colour.

“It’s back,” whispered Kat ominously as mists began to pour through the streets. Lockdown bells clanged with urgency. The once bustling streets turned silent as the city fell into a panic. It was as if death had come to town.

Mists surrounded the shadow men as they chanted in the night, a voice once pure, now edged with venom joined in. It seemed Loki had found a new purpose.

“What’s happening?” cried Opal, her hazelnut brown eyes twinkling with ignorance.

“It’s Mistplague. The first case started about ten years ago when a Sorcerer found an ebony black stone lying next to him when he woke up. By touching it, he became corrupt and the mists began to spread.” Kat said, tears flooding her eyes,

“That doesn’t seem too bad,” exclaimed Opal.

“Anyone that comes in contact with the mists has a 1 in 10 chance of contracting it. They turn into mindless slaves following the bidding of whoever has the stone.” Kat continued.

“They don’t die until we find the man with the stone… it’s impossible … we are all going to die!”

The shadow men marched across seas and beaches, not stopping. Their goal was obvious, Quartz had to fall!