I stood on top of a cliff

i stood on top of a cliff,

stared death right in the eye,

did not blink, or cringe or sweat,

i didn’t even cry


3 line poem

It hurts to know my body was made for yours,

But that you don’t want me,

And never will



heyy still in a bad place, emerged in an attempt to write a poem and failed. will probably take this down 😦

A letter to a girl who will never read it

Dear Skye,

I miss you already. I feel as if I have known you for many years and now that you’re gone, a piece of me is missing. I feel kind of bad for saying this, but I wish I was still at camp. Things aren’t super great at home and I feel lonely. My sister has barely talked to me and keeps getting upset over the smallest things. I have become a turtle, attempting and failing to hide into my shell. I feel super down and tired. You probably found me weird and awkward and I wish we could be closer than we currently are. This camp has brought our friendship together even though it wasn’t very long. I understand you completely. I wish I was back with the light-hearted attitude of camp. Here at home, I feel trapped and alone. There are so many things I want to say to you but I don’t think you would understand. The photograph I took of you shared so many unspoken feelings. I understand the abyss and darkness you are feeling and wish I was brave enough to speak up about it. I already miss our conversations and the social awkwardness that we experienced. I’m so clingy and I crave friendship. You worry me, some of our friends don’t seem that bothered when you hardly talk or eat but it freaks me out and I don’t know how to help. I’m so disappointed in myself. I’ve wasted so much time and I fear that I will continue to do so for a long period of time. Whilst being away on this camp I’ve experienced a freedom that I have never felt before. I want to go back to being relaxed, chill and not monitoring everything that I want and need to say. My family is like a cage and I feel trapped and confined in it. You and the camp provided a blissful release but now I’m back to normal.

I feel as though if you ever read this you would be creeped out by this. So in case of this ever happening, I’m sorry, this is a coping mechanism for myself. I’ve been writing to various people for a while but moved on. This just feels right.

See you around.


To explain this; I’ve decided to create a new series where I write honestly to a friend of mine. For the purpose of this being anonymous, I have changed the names of everyone in this story. This series will be very raw and honest. I hope to continue it for a while and hope you guys will like it. Some quick background information that you might need –

  • I have just been away on a 7 day school camp
  • I’m becoming increasingly awkward and silent
  • I’m finding it harder and harder to express my feelings
  • This series is a way for me to write honestly and attempt to overcome writers block
  • Skye and I aren’t super close friends but I feel a connection that I don’t truly understand and need to explore
  • Skye has short brown hair with blonde highlights, bright blue eyes, is about an average height for a fifteen year old
  • This series will include a number of various mediums such as –
    • Poetry
    • Writing
    • Creative writing
    • Drawing
    • Etc

I hope you enjoy and please comment down below your thoughts for this series (and if you want it to continue). I hope I don’t regret this! :/





image source – https://www.kikki-k.com/a5-linen-notebook-sweet-2019



Raindrops fall,

Away from their loved ones,

Like me away from you.


Leaves crumple up and die,

Leaving their loved ones,

Like me abandoning you.


Flower petals wither one by one,

Leaving their loved ones,

Like me being forced away from you.


Raindrops rise into the clouds,

Joining their loved ones,

Like me rejoining with you.


Leaves regrow,

Joining their loved ones,

Like me rediscovering you.


Flower petals grow back stronger,

Joining their loved ones,

Like me connecting with you.


“Every cloud has a silver lining” – Unknown


The Ocean Called To Me

The ocean called to me. I stood on what seemed like the edge of the world, but in reality was just a small cliffside. The world was a monochromatic shade of grey, including my thoughts. The ocean beckoned to me, arms wide open, yet still I resisted. I longed for an end to my pointless existence. My phone pinged, awakening me from my zombified state. I ignored it. What is the point of friends if the never give you any space? I tentatively edged closer to the edge. My shield came down and with it memories tumbled in. She was as beautiful as ever, unspoken words jumbled around in my useless brain. I shook my head, ridding myself of painful reminders of why I wasn’t meant for this life. The ocean called once again, as insistent as ever. Rocks skittered off the edge and into the ocean, free as birds. Today was the day! I stepped closer, peering of the edge. My heart beat louder and faster than it ever had.

“STOP!” cried a voice, taunt with suffering. I looked to her as angelic as ever and then back to the ocean. I took a step back then another, The ocean growled in fury, grey waves clawing with anger below. All I could think of were her warm arms as she hugged me.

“You are not alone,” she whispered, tearing flooding down her face.

The world turned a pale shade of blue.



Note –

I have left some things open to interpretation such as the gender of the character and the identity of the girl.

Please remember –

  • You are not alone in the world!
  • Don’t be afraid to tell someone
  • You are loved


Mistplague – Chapter 16

Loki felt pain. It wasn’t pain from his neck wound or pain from being tied up. It was mental pain and it was excruciating. It was as if someone was tearing at his mind, piece by piece, forcing its way in. Resistance was futile. Loki gave in and mist flooded into hid brain, hungry for power.

Apollo and Opal headed back to Quartz. Kat rushed to them speechless with shock and worry. Apollo fell to his knees and howled as he relived his mistakes. The trees shrieked in unison as the sky began to turn an unhealthy black colour.

“It’s back,” whispered Kat ominously as mists began to pour through the streets. Lockdown bells clanged with urgency. The once bustling streets turned silent as the city fell into a panic. It was as if death had come to town.

Mists surrounded the shadow men as they chanted in the night, a voice once pure, now edged with venom joined in. It seemed Loki had found a new purpose.

“What’s happening?” cried Opal, her hazelnut brown eyes twinkling with ignorance.

“It’s Mistplague. The first case started about ten years ago when a Sorcerer found an ebony black stone lying next to him when he woke up. By touching it, he became corrupt and the mists began to spread.” Kat said, tears flooding her eyes,

“That doesn’t seem too bad,” exclaimed Opal.

“Anyone that comes in contact with the mists has a 1 in 10 chance of contracting it. They turn into mindless slaves following the bidding of whoever has the stone.” Kat continued.

“They don’t die until we find the man with the stone… it’s impossible … we are all going to die!”

The shadow men marched across seas and beaches, not stopping. Their goal was obvious, Quartz had to fall!

Corruption – Chapter 15

Loki muttered furiously to himself as he flew towards Elysian, fear etched onto his face. He felt his hands tremble and shake. The weather grew darker and darker, till it seemed as if the sun had vanished completely. Elysian appeared below him, looking much smaller than it had when he had last visited. He looked in shock at the near black water. The citizens of Elysian had become corrupt by dark forces. He thought of his mother, alone and vulnerable in her hut. Then to the image of Apollo’s smouldering features. He shook all images out from his minds and determinedly continued on his way. Two shadow men stood at the gates, their armour filled with raging mists. Loki knew there was no possible way to take down the mist warriors. He cursed once again. Bane appeared outside, cloaked in a dark cape. Loki reacted immediately. He leapt off his horse and held a glass dagger to Bane’s neck.

“Surprise!” he grinned. He felt as if his luck had changed.  Relief coursed through his veins providing him with both comfort and warmth. The shadow men glared down at him with their faceless features and intimidating stance. Loki let out a shuddered breath as they led him inside their new home. Opal ran to him, crying with joy. She buried her head in his chest as Loki forced Bane onto the ground.

“Get Apollo and get out of here!” he cried. Opal timidly obeyed his command. The soldiers stood impassively around the edges of the room. Bane lay on the carpet. His filthy body ruin the hard work put into the masterpiece. Apollo was soon freed and rushed to Loki’s side. Loki refused to look at him, anger overcoming all his senses as Bane struggled against his grip.

“GET OUT!” he screamed. Apollo stood there shell-shocked. Opal tugged at his hand and together both of them ran out of the room. Loki glanced after him, a huge mistake. All at once, Bane disarmed Loki and held the dagger to his neck, drawing blood. Loki stood stone still, refusing to cry out in pain.

“Men! We have work to do!” cried Bane with a laugh that echoed throughout the room.

Sorry for not posting. I’ve been sooooooo busy with school. 😦 See you all later xx