The Ice-cream Man

The streets were lined with perfect white fences. The cottages were lined with bushes. People of all ages and ethnicity roamed the neighbourhood. Everything was perfect. We walked up our pale white path. The grass was cut in a perfectly straight 90 degree angle. My ragtag family entered the house and immediately chaos started. My sister immediately got out her paintbrush and gave the white, slate of a wall a splash of bright purple. My youngest brother Darren ran upstairs and started jumping on his bed.  I rushed to my room and plugged my headphones into my phone, Classical music flooded in, pushing away all disaster. Why did my family have to be so weird?

Suddenly a noise fluctuated the silence. It was the noise of an ice-cream truck. We rushed outside, ignoring the catastrophe that was our house, desperate for sugar. People walked quickly into their houses, glancing nervously behind them. Locks clicked and doors shut.

“Mummy, where are they going?” ask my sister, hands smothered with purple paint. My mother shrugged in return. My siblings and I rushed towards the van as fast as we could. It stopped and the window opened revealing a grinning figure. I stepped back, his grin seemed too forced. The street was silent, even the birds had stopped singing their sweet melodies. Mum ordered the ice-creams as I tapped my foot impatiently, I wanted to go back to the house despite the messiness that was present there. A voice erupted from a loudspeaker.

“You must be purged! Messiness is not tolerated!” screamed a voice. Figures dressed in black emerged from the inside of the van. I screamed and began to run. Bullets rushed past me, missing by inches. My breath was short and my side screamed in agony, I desperately needed to stop.

“Helpppp!” I screamed as footsteps echoed not far behind.

“Somebody help me!” I screamed again, voice croaking with strain. I reached a dead end and desperately clawed at the wall. My life couldn’t end like this. The figures walked closer and closer. I feel to the ground clutching at my head, desperate to protect myself.

“Scanning,” cried a robotic voice as a blue light passed over my hunched figure.

“Negative.” It said. The figures slowly backed away, one by one until I was left alone. Messiness was a sin, I was alone without a family, surrounded by insane people. What was I meant to do?

I put my headphones in and the perfectly timed, no faults, piece began to play. I yanked them out. I longed for the erratic screams from my siblings, for a splash of colour on my clothes, even a snapped mattress, broken from jumps of joy.

I would never be tidy again …



Four things –

  1. Feel free to continue this story. I will happily post your continued version onto my blog. I would love to read someone’s continued version!! (HINT HINT!)
  2. Thanks to who provided me with this prompt. Feel free to check them out if you need ideas on what to write.
  3. This got a lot darker than I expected it to
  4. Remember; not all ice-cream truck people are friendly (lol) 🙂

Mistplague – Chapter 16

Loki felt pain. It wasn’t pain from his neck wound or pain from being tied up. It was mental pain and it was excruciating. It was as if someone was tearing at his mind, piece by piece, forcing its way in. Resistance was futile. Loki gave in and mist flooded into hid brain, hungry for power.

Apollo and Opal headed back to Quartz. Kat rushed to them speechless with shock and worry. Apollo fell to his knees and howled as he relived his mistakes. The trees shrieked in unison as the sky began to turn an unhealthy black colour.

“It’s back,” whispered Kat ominously as mists began to pour through the streets. Lockdown bells clanged with urgency. The once bustling streets turned silent as the city fell into a panic. It was as if death had come to town.

Mists surrounded the shadow men as they chanted in the night, a voice once pure, now edged with venom joined in. It seemed Loki had found a new purpose.

“What’s happening?” cried Opal, her hazelnut brown eyes twinkling with ignorance.

“It’s Mistplague. The first case started about ten years ago when a Sorcerer found an ebony black stone lying next to him when he woke up. By touching it, he became corrupt and the mists began to spread.” Kat said, tears flooding her eyes,

“That doesn’t seem too bad,” exclaimed Opal.

“Anyone that comes in contact with the mists has a 1 in 10 chance of contracting it. They turn into mindless slaves following the bidding of whoever has the stone.” Kat continued.

“They don’t die until we find the man with the stone… it’s impossible … we are all going to die!”

The shadow men marched across seas and beaches, not stopping. Their goal was obvious, Quartz had to fall!

Corruption – Chapter 15

Loki muttered furiously to himself as he flew towards Elysian, fear etched onto his face. He felt his hands tremble and shake. The weather grew darker and darker, till it seemed as if the sun had vanished completely. Elysian appeared below him, looking much smaller than it had when he had last visited. He looked in shock at the near black water. The citizens of Elysian had become corrupt by dark forces. He thought of his mother, alone and vulnerable in her hut. Then to the image of Apollo’s smouldering features. He shook all images out from his minds and determinedly continued on his way. Two shadow men stood at the gates, their armour filled with raging mists. Loki knew there was no possible way to take down the mist warriors. He cursed once again. Bane appeared outside, cloaked in a dark cape. Loki reacted immediately. He leapt off his horse and held a glass dagger to Bane’s neck.

“Surprise!” he grinned. He felt as if his luck had changed.  Relief coursed through his veins providing him with both comfort and warmth. The shadow men glared down at him with their faceless features and intimidating stance. Loki let out a shuddered breath as they led him inside their new home. Opal ran to him, crying with joy. She buried her head in his chest as Loki forced Bane onto the ground.

“Get Apollo and get out of here!” he cried. Opal timidly obeyed his command. The soldiers stood impassively around the edges of the room. Bane lay on the carpet. His filthy body ruin the hard work put into the masterpiece. Apollo was soon freed and rushed to Loki’s side. Loki refused to look at him, anger overcoming all his senses as Bane struggled against his grip.

“GET OUT!” he screamed. Apollo stood there shell-shocked. Opal tugged at his hand and together both of them ran out of the room. Loki glanced after him, a huge mistake. All at once, Bane disarmed Loki and held the dagger to his neck, drawing blood. Loki stood stone still, refusing to cry out in pain.

“Men! We have work to do!” cried Bane with a laugh that echoed throughout the room.

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Rescue – Chapter 14

Apollo soon found it was quite easy to ride on a flying dinosaur despite the fact that dinosaurs were extinct. He had guessed the way to Quartz and in fact been right. The towers glittered in the pale sunlight light. As he touched down on the ground and leapt off the dinosaur it gave a piercing streak and flew back to its home. Loki stood solemnly in the doorway and watched as Apollo ran towards him.
“Loki! You’re still alive.” He said cheerfully. Loki looked somber. Apollo pecked him on the cheek. Loki remained a stone statue, impassive and silent.
“What’s wrong?” Apollo asked tentatively.
“They have Opal.” He said. Tears trickling down his face, his recent mask broken. Apollo said nothing, shell shocked.
“What do they want?” He growled.
“You!” Loki said simply.
“I have to go.”
“You can’t we need a plan.” Replied Loki. Frustrated Apollo kicked at a nearby pebble sending it skittering away.
“Every minute we wait is another minute she could be hurt.” He yelled ferociously. Loki walked away with his hands up.
“I hate you!” Screamed Apollo. Loki continued walking into the castle. Apollo immediately sought out transport and flew on a flimsy broomstick towards his home town, Elysian. He soon reached the guards standing outside his old home. They searched him briskly and then sent him inside. Opal lay by the foot of the throne curled up into a tight ball.

“Opal!” He cried in dismay. The onlookers laughed.

“You must hold up your end of the bargain and let her go.” He demanded furiously. The traitors continued to laugh. Apollo realised his mistake. He was chucked into a cage and left to drown in dismay.

Meanwhile, as Loki strode away from Apollo he was expected to be followed however this did not occur. He spent some time reading in his room waiting for Apollo to come, begging for help. Apollo didn’t come. Loki cursed angrily. He feared the worst, Apollo must have been captured by the Elysian guard. Sending word to Kat he prepared a new Pegasus for their quest that seemed ongoing. Loki dreamt for a break from the catastrophes living in his life.

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Be swift – Chapter 13

Apollo paddled weakly against the strong current desperate to find and warn his friends. His stamina faded and energy source became depleted. He sank down into the water, his body a weight to heavy to bear.

Loki paced anxiously in the chamber, tearing at his head.
“What if he’s dead?” He asked. Opal began to burst into tears. Kat comforted her gently and could only provide Loki with one of her reassuring looks. For one of the first times that look failed.
“I’m going to look for him!” He declared.
“I’m coming too.” Said Opal. Kat rolled her eyes at them and the trio stepped out into the dangerous night in the search of their fourth member. The bodies of guards littered the palace foyer and Loki covered Opal’s eyes. Kat began to cry and ran off in search of her parents. Loki and Opal began to make their way towards Apollo’s room. A figure sat on the bed.
“Opal! Run!” Loki cried as he rushed towards the figure wearily. His bravo wore off quickly with the harshness of his current state. The figure pulled back his hood.
“Bane?”He asked astonished.
“You traitorous scum.” He replied. Bane ran at Loki and forced him onto the bed, dagger in hand.
“Where’s Apollo?” He asked. Loki laughed.
“I have absolutely no idea.” Bane grunted in frustration and punched him. Loki winced, pain overwhelming him.

“You can’t hurt me.” He said, spitting the metallic tasting blood from his mouth.

“I know someone who can. Bring her in!” Replied Bane. Opal appeared in the corridor, fighting for her life against a tough skinned opponent.

“Opal!” He screamed.

”Find Apollo and bring him to me or the girl gets it.” Yelled Bane. Te two men vanished with Opal into the night.

Apollo awoke to find himself lying in a hut covered in a green paste. A thin but curvy lady strode through the door like she owned the place.

“Oh, you’re awake.” She stated simply.

“Duh.” He replied.

“I need to get to Quartz and fast.” He said, realising that a murder could occur for each minute he dawdled.

“Honey, you’ve been asleep for two days.” Apollo cursed. He demanded with her to take him home. Giving in to his frustration she pointed outside. Apollo headed outside and slammed the door. He stood shocked with amazement. Surely? A huge pterodactyl feasted on a roasted boar just ten metres from the very hut he was sleeping in. Apollo looked back at the lady for guidance.

“Go for it.” She said grinning. He took a run up and leapt onto the dinosaur. It roared in fury but had no objection to it being pointed in the mostly likely direction to Quartz.

The Midnight Attack – Chapter 12

Loki recovered slowly in his hospital bed, Opal trained as a mage, Kat helped run an Empire and Apollo well he explored. He covered the many alleyways and crannies. Apollo mapped out Quartz but soon grew bored. He grew bored of sitting by Loki and attending political meetings. Apollo longed for something to do. So in the darkness of the night he snuck back to his old village, flying on his pegasus. The castle was eeriely quiet. He edged round corners and tiptoed through abandoned rooms, yet he found no one. The last room he checked was the throne room. He heard faint voices and slunk gracefully inside. The unknown figures sat in a circle discussing.

“There are assassins on their way to Quartz right this minute. We can’t afford to argue!” a voice cried out. Apollo gasped in shock.

“INTRUDER!” one of them screamed. Apollo raced out of the room being pursued by torchlights. Voices cried after him. He leapt onto the pegasus and flew into the night as fast as he could. He cursed in terror as the horse began to slow down. Apollo desperately patted the horse, willing it to go faster. The horse began to rapidly lose height. Apollo tugged at its mane. The horse shrieked in pain and tossed Apollo into the ocean. He screamed as the wind whistled past him. Apollo splashed into the ocean.

Meanwhile, the castle remained silent. Loki lay in his bed weakly.

“INTRUDERS! LOCKDOWN COMMENCE IMMEDIATELY!!” Shouted a voice. Loki sat up out of bed slowly. He got to his feet.

“Opal?” He cried, walking through the castle. People were running everywhere but there was no sign of Opal. Kat grabbed his arm.

“Quick.” She said.

“Opal is inside.” Together they ran into a chamber and locked the doors tightly shut.

“Loki!” Cried a familiar figure.

“Opal!” They crammed together in a hug.

“Where’s Apollo? He asked.

Assassin – Chapter 11

The sirens blared loudly. Apollo carried Loki’s limp and lifeless body towards the source of the penetrating noise. Apollo was numb, paramedics worked quickly around him, yet their movements were slow and voices quiet. The world was a monochromatic shade of grey. They got into the ambulance and waited for the nightmare to be over. Kat clung to Apollo’s shoulder, crying oceans.

Soon Apollo was inside the hospital, listening to the steady beat of Loki’s heart. The healers had done their job and healed Loki’s physical form but they couldn’t do anything about his current mental state. Apollo gently stroked Loki’s hair as Loki fought off horrible memories of his past. Kat rushed into the bland room, colour drained from her face.

“Your sister …” she stuttered, out of breath,

“Spit it out!” he urged.

“There has been an attempt on her life,” she said. Apollo kissed Loki gently on the forehead and once again headed out into the night.

“I thought you didn’t have any siblings?” said Kat as they flew through the air,

“I don’t. We were close friends when we were younger, but I forgot about her.” he said soberly.

“I don’t understand. Why did your dad choose her for heir?”

“To get back at me.” he said sadly. Soon they reached the calm waters of Elysian and burst into the palace. It was deserted. He heard sobbing in the corner.

“Opal?” he asked tentatively. The small figure turned towards him and her features lit up.

“Apollo!” she cried and raced into his arms. Apollo hugged her to his chest and stroked her hair.

“I was so scared!” she said, still shaking.

“My mum sacrificed herself for me. I have nowhere to go.” she continued. Kat grinned.

“You can come to the Magic Academy and stay there.” Kat said grinning. Apollo mouthed a silent thanks and Kat grinned. Together they flew back to Quartz.

Loki awoke to see the smiling face of Apollo. He groaned in pain but happiness coursed through his veins. They shared a quick kiss and then Kat and Opal entered the room. Suddenly, the world felt great again.