It was 1 am

It was 1 am,

When you whispered in my ear,

Confessed feelings,

Drunken lies,

If I was sober it would have been clear,

Instead I caressed your cheek,

Felt fake warmth and love,

Little did I know,

You used me like a glove


Being alone

Write a short story in 50-100 words about being alone

Being alone is bliss. Until the voices start. They yell and scream in my head about my failures and mistakes. Their voices pound into my skull over and over and over again. I dig my nails into my palms, fists clenched tightly and I pray for the voices to leave. I beg and I scream for them to vanish until the final echoing words fill my head. I hate myself. I hate myself. I hate mys-

We all need kindness

She sat alone and bedraggled on the side of the street. Her hair hung limp and greasy round her gaunt face. Ribs protruded from her shirt. I met her eyes and saw a hunger as I had never known before. It was a hunger for a proper life. I averted my gaze, dropped a few copper coins and continued on my way. As I neared the end of the alley a shriek fluctuated the silence of the afternoon. There she sat, backed against a corner, two hungry demons prowling close. I screamed in horror and rushed towards them. I fought with all my inner strength. The girl stayed silent. I wiped a streak of crimson blood from my face. The deed was done. She looked at me, voice croaky.
“You don’t need a reason to help someone in need.” I replied simply.

The love of my life

Her face was weathered with time, wrinkles caressed her face. A perfect scar lined her check, framing her sharp edged chin. Freckles dotted her face like constellations. Her eyes once a sea of sapphire blue. Something so perfect could hardly be contained in a box.

I watched as the lid closed over her, tears flooding down my face like a dam had been forced open. No wrinkled hands clenched, cramping ferociously. I was meant to die first. How did a man with cancer survive when a perfectly healthy woman couldn’t? People looked at me and my eyes continued to fill with tears. Life just wasn’t fair. No one is perfect but my wife got pretty close.


This is a short story. Luckily for me, no one I’m close to has died yet. If you know someone that has passed away, my condolences.



Raindrops fall,

Away from their loved ones,

Like me away from you.


Leaves crumple up and die,

Leaving their loved ones,

Like me abandoning you.


Flower petals wither one by one,

Leaving their loved ones,

Like me being forced away from you.


Raindrops rise into the clouds,

Joining their loved ones,

Like me rejoining with you.


Leaves regrow,

Joining their loved ones,

Like me rediscovering you.


Flower petals grow back stronger,

Joining their loved ones,

Like me connecting with you.


“Every cloud has a silver lining” – Unknown