Assassin – Chapter 11

The sirens blared loudly. Apollo carried Loki’s limp and lifeless body towards the source of the penetrating noise. Apollo was numb, paramedics worked quickly around him, yet their movements were slow and voices quiet. The world was a monochromatic shade of grey. They got into the ambulance and waited for the nightmare to be over. Kat clung to Apollo’s shoulder, crying oceans.

Soon Apollo was inside the hospital, listening to the steady beat of Loki’s heart. The healers had done their job and healed Loki’s physical form but they couldn’t do anything about his current mental state. Apollo gently stroked Loki’s hair as Loki fought off horrible memories of his past. Kat rushed into the bland room, colour drained from her face.

“Your sister …” she stuttered, out of breath,

“Spit it out!” he urged.

“There has been an attempt on her life,” she said. Apollo kissed Loki gently on the forehead and once again headed out into the night.

“I thought you didn’t have any siblings?” said Kat as they flew through the air,

“I don’t. We were close friends when we were younger, but I forgot about her.” he said soberly.

“I don’t understand. Why did your dad choose her for heir?”

“To get back at me.” he said sadly. Soon they reached the calm waters of Elysian and burst into the palace. It was deserted. He heard sobbing in the corner.

“Opal?” he asked tentatively. The small figure turned towards him and her features lit up.

“Apollo!” she cried and raced into his arms. Apollo hugged her to his chest and stroked her hair.

“I was so scared!” she said, still shaking.

“My mum sacrificed herself for me. I have nowhere to go.” she continued. Kat grinned.

“You can come to the Magic Academy and stay there.” Kat said grinning. Apollo mouthed a silent thanks and Kat grinned. Together they flew back to Quartz.

Loki awoke to see the smiling face of Apollo. He groaned in pain but happiness coursed through his veins. They shared a quick kiss and then Kat and Opal entered the room. Suddenly, the world felt great again.




The Unlikely Death – Chapter 10

“She’s gonna be so pissed.” Said Apollo as they flew through the fast darkening sky. They both exchanged a solemn look and continued on their way. They soon reached a darkened cave. The beacon flickered and then disappeared completely. Loki cursed. Weapons drawn, they edged into the cave. Loki blended into the background whilst Apollo strode forward confidently. He heard a scream and began to run towards the noise, bow at the ready. Apollo entered the room to see the man wiping blood from his mouth. Kat looked bruised and terrified.
“Leave her alone.” He said with a tremble in his voice. The figure chuckled.
“It was never about her. It was about you.” Said the figure as he let his hooded cloak drop to the ground.
“Dad?” He asked. The figure grinned and pulled out his sword.
“You were a mistake.” Elvy said. Apollo backed up until he was against the wall.
“You share servant blood.” He spat. Apollo trembled nervously. His father raised his blade. Loki came from behind and held a gun against Elvy’s temple.
“No one hurts my man!” He said protectively. Elvy kicked his lead backwards and disarmed Loki. He fired once, twice, three times at Loki. Loki groaned and fell to the floor in pain. Apollo aimed his arrow and fired. Elvy dropped to the ground dead. Apollo cursed. He had misfired. Kat ran to Loki and desperately tried to aid Loki. He went to his father’s side.
“I name Opal as heir to the throne.” Elvy whispered with his final dying breath. Apollo thought back to his childhood. His best friend had bern called Opal. He couldn’t have an unknown sister, could he? Disappointment filled him, though relieved to as not to be chosen as heir it was still a unexpected choice on his father’s behalf. Apollo felt tears trickle down his porcelain skin. Loki cried out and lapsed into unconsciousness. Finally being relieved of the pain of a thousand knives. Apollo rushed towards Loki and stroked at his hair.
“How bad is it?” He asked Kat.
“Very.” She replied simply, tears streaming down her face.
“It’s too late and it’s all my fault.” She cried. Apollo lay his head on Loki’s faintly beating heart and together they awaited for help to arrive.

Trouble – Chapter 9

Apollo looked down at the Loki and saw nothing but love for him. Offering him his hand, Apollo pulled Loki to his feet. The arena went silent.
“I love you too.” Apollo declared. Loki grinned and kissed Apollo lightly on the mouth.
“Oops.” He said with a chuckle. Apollo laughed. The audience was astounded. A few clapped slowly but many remained shocked.
“We should get out of here.” Loki suggested. Apollo grabbed his hand and together they raced out of the arena. A dappled horse with white wings stood nearby nibbling at the grass. Loki hoisted himself into the horse and pulled Apollo up behind him. They flew away from the astounded people below off on another adventure.
“Kat can help us.” Apollo suggested as he clung onto Loki for dear life. Loki chuckled, remembering their not so sweet experience but pointed the horse towards Quartz.

Surprisingly, Kat greeted them with open arms. She seemed past the drama but Loki knew better than that.
“What do you want?” He states bluntly. She giggled awkwardly.
“I’ll protect you in return for your services.” She said.
“Yup. You will make sure that I’m safe for tomorrow’s ball.” Apollo and Kat shook hands and with that the deal was made.

Loki and Apollo lay intertwined in the grass. Apollo gazed into Loki’s eyes.
“I’m sorry.” Loki said. Apollo put a finger to his lips and they fell back into a comfortable silence. The rest of the day passed quickly with ball organising and planning. All too soon, the ball began. Apollo admired Loki in the mirror, tugging at his suit awkwardly when Loki returned his gaze with an intense stare. They had one final parting kiss and then began to mingle with the crowd. Apollo couldn’t help looking at Kat in her glistening emerald gown. He felt a surge of jealously when a man began to dance with her. Suddenly, the music stopped and the room became quiet. Couples alike looked around nervously. Apollo began to edge towards Kat.
“Nobody move!” A voice exclaimed. Everyone turned towards Kat to see a knife held at her throat. Apollo inwardly groaned. He began to stride out of the room with Kat at his side trying desperately to break free. Apollo glanced at Loki and together they ran out the back door, towards their horse. Following the tracking device that they had planted on Kat, they headed off into the night.

Acceptance – Chapter 8

Meanwhile, Loki was working hard aboard the pirate ship. The harder he worked the easier it was to push past the pain of separation. The pirate Captain never so much as spared a glance at Loki. The crew were ordered not to talk to Loki so Loki spent most of his time in solitude. That was until today. Loki swept the deck, shoulders aching. The boat docked at a large port filled to the brim with ships. The pirate flag was hoisted down. Two soldiers in their shinning armour boarded the ship.
“Ere he is.” Said the Captain pointing a finger at Loki. Loki looked for somewhere to run but to no avail. He was surrounded on all sides. One of the soldiers punched him in the face while the other put handcuffs on his wrist.
“Traitor.” He said, spitting blood onto the Captains shoes. The Captain shook his bag of money and grinned. Loki was hauled off the boat.
“The King of Elysian will be very happy.” The taller soldier said with a grin. They went aboard a hovertrain and Loki was locked into a room. He watched in despair as they sped towards the worst possible location. Elysian. He groaned desperately looking for a way out of confinement. There wasn’t one.

During this time Apollo was nervously pacing back and forth in his room.
“Loki is here!” Announced Neptune as he entered Apollo’s room. Apollo felt anger course through his blood.
“Good.” He said, running a hand lovingly over his bow. Neptune escorted him to the arena. Apollo looked at the figure curled up on the floor. It couldn’t be his Loki could it? The crowd jeered and booed at him.
“Loki you face a penalty of death!” Apollo’s father announced. Loki said nothing.
“You may begin.” Said Neptune. Apollo fired a warning shot at Loki, piercing the ground next to his head. He strode forwards and began to speak.
“I Apollo North, will vanquish the man that put me in danger and didn’t protect me.” He said with a trembling voice, a single tear trickling down his cheek.
“I protected you!” yelled Loki.
“I broke my own heart to ensure that you would live the best possible life you could.” He said quietly so that only Apollo could head. Apollo raised his dagger above Loki’s heart.
“I love you.” Whispered Loki as he closed his eyes and waited.

Revenge – Chapter 7

Soon they reached the crystal calm waters of Elysian. Checking that Apollo was still unconscious Loki lowered him onto the sandy ground and kissed him gently on the forehead.

“Here’s your real destiny.” he said as he swam back to the ship. Once on board he ran to his hammock and burst into tears. Wracking sobs filled his body as they sailed away from the love of his life.

“Apollo? Can you hear me?” called a husky voice. He blinked twice and opened his eyes. The dark world flooded with colour.

“Loki?” he asked.

“No it’s your father. You’re safe now.” he said stroking

Apollo’s hair. He sat up quickly but dizziness overcame him.

“Warrior training starts in two hours.” He said as he exited the room. Apollo groaned. Grasping at the strings of reality and tying them together. Loki was gone. He had been returned to his father. Anger coursed throughout his entire body. How dare Loki make his decisions for him. He slammed his fist against the door. Time passed quickly and before he knew it he was weakly standing with his old friends, all of which he had come to despise due to their mistreatment of Loki. A pile of weapons lay at the trainers feet. The other men bowed respectfully as Apollo walked forward to claim his prize. Apollo picked up the hand carved ebony bow and hugged it to his chest. The other men jeered at him and rushed forward to claim swords and axes. He was set to work with a bowman who went by the name of Neptune. Neptune strolled over to Apollo and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Why?” Apollo asked. Voicing his doubts about Loki and the past fews days of his life.

“It is your duty to take down that scoundrel and make him pay for what he has done to you.” Neptune said quietly. Apollo felt rage ignite within him.

“Let’s do this.” He said aiming at the target in front of him. He let loose with the arrow.

“Bullseye!” Neptune said.

Trapped – Chapter 6

Apollo awoke shackled to a post in an underwater cave. The water lapped at his feet hungrily. The water rushed in flooding the cave. As the water began to slowly rise a mermaid appeared nearby.

“Let me go!” Apollo screamed, he tried to stand but was dragged to the floor.

“The law of mermaids is that we can’t kill, but no one said anything about someone getting trapped under a cave and drowning. It will be human flesh for dinner.” It said. Dragging its sharp talons along Apollo’s bare chest. He cried out in pain.

“No one can help you now my pretty.” It said cackling and swam off leaving Apollo alone with his thoughts. He struggled with his bonds but to no avail.

Loki scanned the ocean floor, looking for any sign of life but there was none. Frustrated he kicked at a large rock. The rock moved slightly revealing an opening underneath. Here goes nothing he thought and swam through. Loki dodged back and forth throughout the passages and avoided the various mermaids. Finally he reached a secluded area and he leaned against the wall in despair. He started to sob. Voices curved from around the corner and Loki ran upwards through a passage. A bedraggled figure lay slumped in the corner surrounded by water.

“Apollo,” he called in shock. Apollo wearily lifted his head in reply.

“C’mon,” he said and pulled at Apollo’s arm.

“I can’t!” Cried Apollo, tears streaming down his face. Loki saw the chain shackled to Apollo’s leg and he gasped in shock.

“Leave me.” Said Apollo.

“No!” Loki cried out. He racked his brain trying to think of a spell taught by his mother.

“Esay opay.” He tried. Nothing happened. The water began to lap at their waists. Loki grunted in frustration.

“Unloko,” he cried. The chain retracted from Apollo’s leg. Weak from the strain of trying to escape Apollo stayed slumped against the post. Loki slung Apollo over his shoulder and began the long and treacherous swim back to the boat. When he reached the boat, the crew applauded and patted him on the back. With a nod from the Captain the ship continued on its way.

Gone – Chapter 5

“Apollo?” She asked. Apollo gazed up at her as tears were spilled twice in one day.

“Guards!” She yelled as Loki pulled Apollo up and they ran off into the distance. Once they gained enough ground between them Loki cursed. Apollo looked torn between the two destinies he had tasted in such as short period of time. He shook his head and together they ran over to the docks.

Upon the sand was a large boat with billowing sails and a skull and cross bones flying above. The ship was made up of polished mahogany. Loki approached the Captain, whose weathered skin, thick coarse hair and clean shaven face gave off the appearance of an innocent man. Loki knew better than to trust a book by its cover. He muttered a few words to the man and then leaped graciously aboard. Loki hoisted Apollo up the side of the ship.

“Ok scumbags, get to work!”the Captain cried as the ship began to move. Apollo obediently grabbed a mop to the amusement of Loki. The ship began to sail away from Quartz. Loki scaled the ships ropes and entered the unoccupied crows nest. Meanwhile, Apollo had found friends among the other deckhands and dutifully worked whilst listening to the tales of the men.

“Aye, I fought a mermaid once!” one man said.

“How does a seagull even slightly resemble a mermaid.” Another replied chuckling. Apollo laughed, free from the tensions of trying to be the most brave and heroic. He eased himself away from the crowd, lost in a daydream. He looked down at the gleaming stream of water beneath him as it twisted back and forth. A figure appeared dancing this way and that.

“Mother?” He asked hesitantly. She waved back at him. He reached his hand out and as it touched the water he was yanked into the darkness. The image became disfigured and horrible. He screamed silently, bubbles bursting as a mermaid dragged him to the bottom. He fought back but the strong mermaid was no match for his halftime formed warrior talents. As his air faded so did his consciousness.

“Aye, Loki your mate has been snatched by a mermaid.” One of the men called. Loki panicked and ripped off his coat diving into the water below.

“Ebrate.” He called. A bubble of air formed around his head as he swum deeper and deeper. He reached the bottom but Apollo was nowhere in sight.