Two line poem – Have faith

Have faith,

For I have none.


friends are like flowers

friends are like flowers,

their beauty fades quickly,

replaced by something sinister.


hey guys,

not doing well with friendships atm. It feels like no-one really wants to spend their time with me. I spend more and more time on my phone and it sucks. Also, happy valentines day!

love you all,

your increasingly sad poet,


Where I’ve been and being honest

Fuck this is going to be hard.


I haven’t been honest with you guys because I’m terrified it will change your opinions of me, I’ll lose likes (I know it’s a material object) and all that crap but after being fake and losing all motivation to blog, it’s about time I come clean.

I have depression, I am depressed and I am fighting so many battles right now. I am not officially diagnosed (don’t @ me) but I’m pretty sure it’s depression when you can tick off all the symptoms and want to die.

I hate myself, I despise myself and everything I stand for and I am not okay. It is not fair for my to lie to myself. If I lose people due to this post so be it. I am fed up of being this happy person that doesn’t exist. Depression is and will always be an essence of me and it’s about time I deal with it.

Yes I will be deleting this post and write a less terrible and rambling one later but after reading some news articles and dealing with stigma and crap today and I am fed up with staying silent.

Remember, if you are feeling suicidal you are not alone and feel free to email me because I am going through the exact same thing and will always listen.


your depressed poet,


Two line poem – Why love?


Why love,

When you can feel empty.




Relapsed yesterday (i guess), I had a full on panic attack for 1 hr and I felt so sick and terrible afterwards. My mental state is starting to decrease again and I’m scared. I don’t know if I’ll have the strength to push through.

p.s the other day it was my blogging anniversary so I will make a post about it soon! Thank you to everyone who has been following me from the start and to all the newcomers, I hope you will enjoy!

love you all,

you exhausted poet,