she tasted like fairyfloss,

sweet at the start,

but overpowering in the end.



heyyyyy. Quick update – feeling really great at the moment. Life is good.

love you all,

your joyful poet,




My hands ran through her hair,

Her lips touched mine,

And we met in harmony




heyyy. Forgot to post the little summary with this. Ik it’s only been one day but I’ve promised myself to be better. Today I went for a 3 hour walk to mull things over and I think I can turn this year around.

love you all,

your semi joyful poet,


Two line poem – Bittersweet

You kissed me softly,

A bittersweet goodbye





heyyyyyyyyyy. Feeling better today, not as down which is good. Also, instagram is finally working again and I created a new account so please check it out and feel free to Dm me cause I lonely as heck.


love you all,

your sort of happy poet,


He rested his head on my shoulder

He rested his head on my shoulder,

Tears trickling down his chin,

‘Twas him who broke my heart,

It was but on a whim


hey guys. It’s that time again, where my creative juices have dried up and my poetry becomes pretty shitty. Fingers crossed I’ll get out some more decent poems before the end of the year. Also, if anyone feels like potentially collaborating on a short story (or long story) drop your email down below and I’ll add you to a google docs or something.


love you all,

your exceedingly crappy poet,



We were in love, though I didn’t know it at first. We found excuses to touch each other, comparing hand shapes and stroking hair. When I was with her I felt loved, I felt purpose. The first time we met was during math. We sat together and nothing special happened but from there my feelings blossomed. The first day we officially touched, I hugged her and didn’t let go for quite some time. I felt safe in her arms, and at the time not many others brought those same feelings. The first time we held hands was a precious time, in math and under the table but I didn’t think she had feelings for me. I  only noticed my feelings after getting over someone else, a toxic relationship to say the least. I cried, she held me and I felt loved. The other day she pulled me aside, pushed up against a wall, we kissed. Her lips were soft and her breath fluttery and for that I cried. I truly did. She was not my first love, but she was the first I felt safe with. The first I felt happiness with. The first of many sleepless nights, of campfires and cuddles.


Today is the day – Three part editing challenge (1/3)

Trigger warning – This short story contains themes of self-harm and suicide


Today is the day. I was finally going to do it. Finally relive myself of the tremendous suffering and hardship. I gazed blankly at the scars lining my wrists. This form of relief wouldn’t last much longer. Awakening me from my thoughts came the fluctuating call of the school bell. I pulled my bag onto my shoulders and was pushed and shoved to my bus stop. The world was beginning to turn grey again. I plugged my ear-phones in, providing a temporary burst of colour. Music began to play and my failures forgotten as the tempo filled my head.


“Liv?” a voice called, yanking me back into the horrors of reality. There she stood. The most beautiful girl I had ever seen, blonde hair tumbling down her shoulders, freckles lining her cheekbones and her smile brought colours I have never seen before.

“Isla. What … What are you doing here?” My palms started to sweat and my heart thumped erratically. Her hair glimmered in the sun and her perfect form stood so, so close to me.

“You have any plans later?” she asked, rocking slightly from side to side.

“Not today.” I uttered breathlessly as our hands brushed.

“Your place it is then.” She grinned, punching me lightly on the arm and walking away.


Today marks the day colour came back into my life. Today is the day I changed for the better as the sky shone blue and the grass glittered green. Today is the day I accepted myself for who I really am, surrounded by thousands upon thousands of colours. Today is the day.



Hi guys. You’re probably wondering about two things –

  1. The crappy quality of this story
  2. The title

Let me explain. I’ve decided to create a challenge to be able to show my audience (that’s you 🙂 ) that writing short stories takes time (I mean you probably know this already). The challenge will take place over three days:

Day 1 – Write, without editing a short story

Day – 2 – Edit the short story

Day 3 – Finish editing and finalise the story.

Whilst typing this I was cringing so much just reading over all the mistakes. UGH! Feel free to undertake this challenge. If you do end up doing it (I feel like no-one will but just in case lol). Put the link in the comments so I can check it out! (Wow this post is full of doubt and brackets, oh well).

Hope you enjoy,