I procrastinate,

Then procrastinate,

Then I procrastinate some more,




It all flies out the door.




When being overprotective is too much

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 10.05.38 am

No Facebook,



No male friends

Or things like that


You can’t go out,

You can’t see friends,

No need to shout,

No freakish trends


No parties,



No relationships,

Or jackpot chances


You can’t go out,

You can’t wear makeup,

No need to yell,

Don’t bring it up


Hey y’all,

My parents are SUPER overprotective and it kills me. I know they just want to keep me safe and cared for, but at 15 years old I don’t want someone holding my hand throughout my life. I get so annoyed when I’m not allowed out because 6:30 is ‘too late’.  I just want some freedom. I’ve been feeling super trapped at the moment and my house is starting to feel like a prison. School is turning into my safe place because I have way more freedom than at home. It’s like I use up all my energy and feelings at school and then when I get home I’m subdued and quiet. I mean it could be worse … I guess.


On a more positive note, HAPPY SEPTEMBER! I’m so pumped for spring and the end of coldness and rain. This month I am going to ATTEMPT to ensure that I post at least twice a week. Fingers crossed …


I once missed you

I missed you on the bus today,

Your wild nature,

Gone astray,

I missed you at the beach last night,

Your crazy boyfriend,

In a fight

I missed you at the park again,

Your snide remarks,

Give me no gain

I’ll miss you only once more,

Your outrageous personality,

No longer a chore.


Not really sure about this poem but it is helping me to get past a toxic friendship. Whoop! I love the backstabbing nature of some teens!

Stop complaining about Gen Z

Why are people complaining ’bout our generation,

Of the generation that fights,

For freedom,

For love,

For life.


Why are people complaining ’bout our generation,

When they are allowing people with guns to shoot us down,

When they separate us from our own mothers,

When they vote for parties that will detrimentally affect us in the future.


Why are people complaining ’bout our generation,

Of the generation that begs,

For help,

For serenity,

For peace.


Why are people complaining ’bout our generation,

When we stand up for those who are different,

When we use our time to raise awareness,

When we give up our own lives for those in need.


Why are people complaining ’bout our generation,

Of the generation that weeps,

For those lost by the fault of their ancestors,

For those lost due to discrimination by those older than themselves,

For those that have to deal with all the bullshit that the world has to offer.



I’m so annoyed by all the crap that goes around about Gen Z. I had someone tell me today that my generation was full of lousy people and I was outraged. People don’t seem to realise that we are people too and that there is only a slight minority of people doing the wrong things. There are people out there that question our generation whilst we are standing up for those that are different to us, to those whose parents deny that there is anything wrong with them. If you think our generation is messed up, you need to take a closer look at yourself and see us for who we are. We are the generation that stands up! We stand up for those discriminated against. We stand up for those in pain. We stand up for anyone and everyone. In a generation where everything is changing constantly and stability is not an option, we have learned to cope. We are Gen Z!*


What are your thoughts about my generation and this poem? Comment down below and add to the ongoing debate! Lol







*Also I get that there are many people out there that have no problem with Gen Z

A letter to a girl who will never read it (Pt 2)

Please note that this post has now been updated and is fully edited.


Hey Skye,

Things are becoming steadily worse at home. Tensions are high and fights are often. I wish we were back at camp, where things were so much simpler. I have heaps of school work due in the upcoming weeks and I don’t know how to deal with it all. I need help but finding it from my parents just doesn’t work. At home, everyone is overreacting and on edge. I feel as if I’m trapped on an iceberg in the middle of the desert. I keep thinking back to Thursday night, when we watched movies and played games. We were all having so much fun and the campfire was awesome. I wish I was still there as it was definitely one of my most favourite nights.

I wish I could tell someone close to me about my blog, but I don’t think that they would understand. I think that I would be judged for it and that people wouldn’t approve or understand this blog. I’m struggling to write creatively and it hurts. I didn’t know that my escapism through writing would vanish so quickly, especially when I need it the most. It’s like all my creativity is blocked up and in a place no-one would ever dare to venture into.

My friend Holly is stressing me out. We used to be so close and now I fear that we may never be close friends again. I keep finding myself extremely irritable around her and have been confirmed by others that they are feeling the same way. I don’t know whether I’m just being unreasonable or if the issue is deeper than that. I want to be friends with her, how I used to be friends but it just doesn’t feel right anymore.

Writing all of this down is helping so much and with each sentence it feels if a slight weight has been lifted off my chest. However, I still have a very long way to go until I’m back to being my normal self again. I feel trapped and confined in my home. I’m not allowed out at certain parts of the day, can’t go anywhere by myself. I can’t even have my computer or phone in my room! All of these things anger me so much as the freedom I had previously experienced for one of the first times in my life is now gone. I really want to go for a run tomorrow but I doubt I’m going to be allowed.

Today I listened to some great music, which put me in a much better mood than before. I can’t believe that you though I wasn’t a music person! Music is literally a key part of my existence. It helps me escape my feelings. I feel like there is something so special about music. It provides different things for different people and for me it’s a way of escapism. I’m so tired from camp, so hopefully I’m just hallucinating about the conditions here and they will remarkably improve once I get enough sleep. Currently, I just feel like collapsing into bed and spending the rest of my life there.

See you around.

My father taught me to punch when I was seven …

When I was seven my father taught me to punch. He said it was necessary for a strong young boy of my age. My brother and I practised, using each other as canvases for pain and for honour. Hour upon hour, we would punch each other, each vying for the increasingly short attention span of my father. We didn’t understand when our mother would gasp in horror at our bruises, mirrored by her own, hidden under layers upon layers of makeup. Despite my mother’s distaste for these events, my brother and I continued to use each other as literal punching bags. My father, who I know look upon with severe distaste, cheered us on, encouraging a form of abuse for which I still have no name. These experiences presented me with a childhood, with blossoming violent tendencies that I cared nought for but to impress my father. When reflecting, these experiences were clearly the creation of my violent tendencies. No wonder I had been filed with two cases of assault before the age of 21. 


Howdy everyone! I finally have a decent wifi connection! WHOOP WHOOP! I decided to write a short story, let me know if you want a part two because I haven’t started it yet. My holiday is excellent! It is nice to have a two solid weeks away from the stress of school and my poor sleeping issues have literally flown out the door. I have soooo many posts to catch up on! Hopefully I will see you all soon,