Two line poem – Expectations


Fuck expectations,

I just want to be with you.



heyyyyyy. Suffered a slight relapse and completely forgot to eat yesterday. Doing my best to make it up to my body. Other then that, I’m feeling good!


love you all,

your weary but hopeful poet,




you say I don’t talk anymore,

but you never give me a chance to catch my breath.



heyo. Life is turning around!

love you all,

your grateful poet,


He rested his head on my shoulder

He rested his head on my shoulder,

Tears trickling down his chin,

‘Twas him who broke my heart,

It was but on a whim


hey guys. It’s that time again, where my creative juices have dried up and my poetry becomes pretty shitty. Fingers crossed I’ll get out some more decent poems before the end of the year. Also, if anyone feels like potentially collaborating on a short story (or long story) drop your email down below and I’ll add you to a google docs or something.


love you all,

your exceedingly crappy poet,


Me discussing my mental health Pt 2

*clap clap mental health review**

Welcome to Part 2 of me being stuffed up. I am your host and this episode we will be talking about why I don’t talk about my prevalent issues to friends or family.


I am a very closed off person and … well I don’t think my parents understand the term mental illness very well. Just the other day they said that they were ‘disgusted by anyone who self harmed’ (aha rip me then) and ‘couldn’t live with someone who felt wrong with themselves’ (completely and utterly rude)

I think as being from Gen Z I am a lot more aware of mental illness as the issue seems to be a lot more prevalent in our society.

I don’t want to talk to my parents about my issues.

  1. Because they won’t accept it (you can argue all you want but it’s the truth)
  2. I don’t want things to change/get awkward between us (what can I say?! I don’t like change)


As previously mentioned, my friends could tell when I started heading down-hill, after I didn’t talk much and ate less. Soon after, my relationships became more forced so I repressed my emotions and tried to head back to normal (I still have my moments). Two of my friends know I have panic attacks and I confessed my feelings to one of them a while ago. I made them promise to do nothing about it and pretended to get better. As well as this, I don’t feel strong enough to confide my true feelings to any of them. I’m not really a people person and would prefer to shoulder the burden on my own.


Overall, I think that part of the reason I don’t want to talk to anyone about my struggles is that I’m not strong enough and that I am petrified of change. I’m hoping that with time, I will get better on my own.


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Thank for tuning into this weeks episode and stay aware for the next segment on how my mental health affects my social life.


once again,

love you all,

your messed up friend,


‘She doesn’t try enough’

She doesn’t try enough,

She wastes all of her time,

Says she has no homework,

Her idleness is a crime.


She tries,

Maybe not as much as others,

But at least she tries,

Better than you being a poor excuse for a mother.


How can you say that she doesn’t try,

When you don’t see her practice,

You’re out all day,

And all night.


She slaves for you,

She struggles for you,

She burns and cries and wails for you,

Maybe you need to try harder.



Going through a lot right now and my mum isn’t helping. She keeps complaining about my sister getting above average but still ‘not good enough’ grades. She thinks that we are the same person and is away so much and is so unaware of what is going on in our lives. I wish I could say I only dislike her but I can think of a few stronger words than that.

love you all