she tasted like fairyfloss,

sweet at the start,

but overpowering in the end.



heyyyyy. Quick update – feeling really great at the moment. Life is good.

love you all,

your joyful poet,




you say I don’t talk anymore,

but you never give me a chance to catch my breath.



heyo. Life is turning around!

love you all,

your grateful poet,


I wish I could give my life


i wish I could give my life,

to someone who deserves it,

but it doesnt work that way,

life sucks but it is okay.



heyy feeling a bit more unstable at the moment. I couldn’t sleep last night, the voices were chattering in my head again. The cuts on my ankles are growing and I feel myself collapsing in on myself. But I am okay.

love you all,

you heavy burdened poet,



Sometimes I skip breakfast,

It is better to feel pain,

Then to feel nothing at all.


heyyyyyyyy. Unfortunately, still in a rough place, a friend close to me is going through a lot of shitty stuff but won’t tell anyone the full story.  Putting a lot of pressure on everyone at the moment. A quick thought for her: May you stay strong and not forget how to fight. Thanks.

love you all,

your stressed poet,


Two line poem – Bittersweet

You kissed me softly,

A bittersweet goodbye





heyyyyyyyyyy. Feeling better today, not as down which is good. Also, instagram is finally working again and I created a new account so please check it out and feel free to Dm me cause I lonely as heck.


love you all,

your sort of happy poet,



i started 2019 by cutting

because im a hopeless girl

lost in the complexities

of the human world



hey guys. Trying not to cry right now. I promised myself 2019 would be a better year but yesterday I kept making people upset. I’m such a shitty person and I can’t do this anymore. I’m scared. So so so scared. The cuts on my wrists are stinging, a fresh reminder of the disaster that I am.

I hope you all started 2019 better than I did.


love you all,

your scared and desperate poet,


The End of a Year of Hell

Ahahahahahaha rip me.

Hey guys,

Bit of a different post today …

HAPPY END OF 2018 (about time tho)!

I thought that I would do a quick reflection of my blog this year and talk about my goals for it in 2019.



The Beginning – 

On the 16th of January, I started my blog, with my first post getting a fricking 8 likes … wow much talent. Fortunately, things began to brighten up as the year progressed and, as of today I have 220 loyal followers (thanks guys <3).

My most popular post was ironically – Things that make me happy (https://thetaleofanunlikelywarrior.wordpress.com/2018/09/02/things-that-make-me-happy/ )

The Future –

  • Change the template of my blog to be more sophisticated/show more personality (prepare yourselves)
  • Aim to get to 300 followers by the end of next year
  • Post every Thursday next year (scheduled posts at 8:30 am Australian time)
  • Update the old stuff on my blog
  • Organise some potential collabs
  • Also aim to get more comments (cause I’m not doing well on that aspect … ripppppp)


I just want to say a quick thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my poems, the good, the bad and the ugly. I love you all so much and struggling through life is so much easier when you guys are around. Trust me, your faith put me in a far better position than I would have been in. Thank you for being you!

On a less serious note … wow can’t wait for the midnight fireworks!!!! 🙂


love you all,

your tired and lonely poet,